Health July 11, 2020

From today 11 July 2020, wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in Belgium. But how well do these mouth masks actually work? How useful are they?

Last week, De Standaard published the test results of a number of types of mouth masks. In particular, to what extent a mask protects against the total number of fine particles in the air, was tested with a device that can very quickly show which masks meet the standard European filter norms.

Travel July 7, 2020

What if you could do your job now, face-timing with your friends and family from your favourite outdoor location, away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic and annoying office noises?

Thanks to the Zenith Solar Backpack, with integrated solar panel from Sunslice, that dream suddenly becomes reality.

Blog May 11, 2020

Virtueel België, la vie est belle.

Het is zover, de eerste april en sinds verschillende dagen zijn ook wij volledig opgesloten met het motto “blijf in uw kot”.

Blog April 23, 2020

We all understood soon enough that Corona creates new risks, but also new perspectives. All of us will likely avoid mixing into crowds and we will likely prefer to purchase things online whenever possible. 

Blog April 10, 2020

The Concept of setting up a Belgian shopping portal site was launched in the autumn of 2018, when politicians came to a staggering conclusion that the Belgian e-commerce market was almost exclusively targeted by international players.

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