The Concept of setting up a Belgian shopping portal site was launched in the autumn of 2018, when politicians came to a staggering conclusion that the Belgian e-commerce market was almost exclusively targeted by international players.

Based on earlier experiences of Belgian .com startups in the past, we were aware that it is extremely difficult to find seed capital investors for our tiny, complex market place with enough long-term vision to help a multilingual platform evolve towards profitable maturity.

That is why the concept proposed in 2018 was only worked out in March 2020, when the Corona crisis unfolded. Because now, as in earlier centuries,  that we are confronted with the harsh reality that close contact is up to some degree a life threatening risk, a digital sales market has become a viable investment.

The name ViBel, could it be more Belgian?

ViBel stands for "the virtual Belgian" or "virtual Belgium" and sounds to our French-speaking compatriots as it feels: comme "la vie belle",  as simple as it is beautiful, and also very Belgian.

The platform

ViBel's platform is fully developed with open source software.
Any entrepreneur who is subject to VAT in Belgium can offer his/her products and services for sale on ViBel free of charge. ViBel only earns a piece of the added value when it is actually sold.

There is more to come

The sales portal is a first step of ViBel. However, the concept is as broad as the name itself: the virtual Belgian will get a good few additional opportunities with digital things at One step at the time.

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